A Peek inside a Trunk Show

Hosted by the lovely Catriona Nixon in her beautiful home in Carnarvon WA. A fun night of friends, storytelling and fabulous finds! Rachael Steadman, co-founder of Tinkered by, was there to bring us in on the ride!


Tinkered by is all about the artists behind our product. We’ve got social impact baked into who we are and are on a mission to create positive change using fashion and design. By creating new markets, we are fostering creativity and building sustainability – brighter futures.

We have rounded up an amazing collection of clever designs for the Australian market – and our Trunk Shows are proving to be a super fun way to get our product & brand out there! Each Tinkered by piece has a story to tell – and we do LOVE to tell it.


Trunk Shows provide the opportunity to touch, feel, try on and find out a little about each of our products. Guaranteed you won’t be able to help but get a little bit of ‘happy’ when you discover the African goddess behind the piece in your hand. You can also explore the trail of creation, the transformation of the recycled, up-cycled or raw materials used to create our awesome pieces. There will be another ‘wow’ when you let your mind wander to the ingenuity, thought and time that has gone into each handmade piece. Because – YES! – every piece is absolutely and entirely handmade. With love. We are ALL about handmade.


An evening with friends; Chatting, browsing, champagne in hand. Whether you are simply an admirer or end up draped in Tinkered by fabulousness, We can guarantee you’ll want to share the story. It’s about having a bit of fun with like minded women – styling yourselves, your friends and getting behind the fabulous creators of the Tinkered by collection.

Unique finds; Aren’t we all forever after something that is ‘just that little bit different’? You will find products made from ostrich egg and coconut shell, recycled glass, brass and aluminium. There is recycled paper, cow horn and bone, carved wooden bowls  and beads made from fallen branches of the olive tree. You’ll even find a smidge of bicycle inner tube! We have a mix of jewellery, homewares, tote bags & goodies for the kids – plus a new range for the men arriving soon!
Using your purchase power for good; Stylish women providing job creation, sustainability and independence through a unique shopping experience! We look good, feel good and DO good. What’s not to love?

Now for the plug; if you are dying to know how to get on board and host your very own Trunk Show, all you need to do is book it in via site – Get Involved , book a date, we’ll send you a trunk of goodies, an e-vite, and help you organise your party.

And there’s Freebies;  As a Tinkered by host, you’ll receive reward points to choose your favourites for free.  And if the freebies don’t saturate your Tinkered by retail urges, you’ll get to shop at half price!

Tinkered by Ambassador

New Direction; Tinkered by has recently launched an exciting new branch to the business.

We want to empower women in East Africa and Australia. Tinkered by is growing into a social selling business model that uses fashion and design to create economic opportunities. Australian women can launch their own flexible and independent businesses by becoming a Tinkered by Ambassador. Ambassadors are stylists and story tellers & create markets within their communities for income whilst empowering Artisans within their communities – A global family working toward brighter futures for all involved!

Becoming a Tinkered by Ambassador/Stylist is the perfect fit for women;

  • who want to earn some extra dollars while having the flexibility to work from home, an inspired woman that wants a bit of part-time extra;
  • who loves the idea of joining a growing group of women that support each other in business;
  • who need to love what they do and want to see the impact of their efforts;
  • who love a story – and to tell one, given half the chance;
  • with style & flair and who like to be creative every now and again.
  • who want to be apart of something a little bit bigger; something meaningful.
  • who love the idea of ethical fashion and understand that every purchase made in this world has a voice;
  • who love champagne (!!!) socializing with friends and shopping unique finds from around the world (because we will be spreading the love beyond East African soon enough!).

Contact us for further information on becoming a Tinkered by Ambassador or hosting a Trunk Show in your home or office environment. Kate x