Into the Wild


If there is ever an excuse to visit Vincent & Ishmael on the horizon, I’m all over it. It means venturing into what is known as ‘slum’ land – but the experience is far from your expectations.  These guys are truly top notch, always in for a laugh and they are so damn positive – as is all who work with them in their workshop. Pretty much every visit, brings news of some new development – there is growth, new plans, bolder dreams, grand ideas for jewellery with difference – it’s a happening place. Inspiring – yep. There is positivity, there is change. Plus, the added bonus – we are generally visiting to either pick up some fabulous jewellery, or to work on designing some fabulous jewellery!

(Vincent and Ishmael run a jewellery workshop in Kibera specialising in Cow horn and bone jewellery – there is more info on the great work they do on our site)


Into the Belly of the Beast

I park my car on the edge of Kibera. I’ve made a friend with a young guy working in a make shift car wash. He looks after the car, and earns some bonus bucks for the day. Vincent, with all of his enthusiasm, meets me at the car wash and we weave our way through some tin alley ways till it opens out to the area that is their workshop and studio.

kibera_slum_nairobiWeb_Fotor_CollageAfter all the hello’s & hugs, it’s down to business – cause you know what – that’s what these guys love to do. Vincent is a designer by nature and a business man, cause his heart has lead him here and he wants to create change – has already. He is really really good at what he does!


Once in the office, we talk samples, designs, new ideas and where we are up to on the grand scheme of things. The business end is done, we finalise our immediate plans and then together, we talk about what will be if both our dreams come to fruition. Small beginnings but we love talking big. Kate. x