Jewellery Designing in the Mara


We (the ‘Boston’ contingent of the Tinkered by family) live in the Masai Mara game reserve, in Kenya. Remote, yes. Beautiful, yes. A tad insulated from the real world and hard to entertain ourselves at times… sorry to say, but a definate yes! It is a mission to get my boys on game drives now…one of our few outings… “Too boring” apparently.


SO, when Rose came up with the idea of a visit out to the Mara to work on her new jewellery line for Tinkered by, the Boston’s were all pretty excited! Rose packed up her workshop basics and made the journey out here on Matatu’s (Kenya’s highly decorated and over crowded transport system).


All of the Tinkered by Artisans are currently in creative mode, tinkering away to come up with our new Summer jewellery range – a super exciting time of the year for us. So last week, Rose and I played with glorious beads, coming up with some cool new pieces!


Definitely not ALL work! We had our afternoons for fun – game driving, burning marsh mellows around campfires, writing love letters (My eldest boy Marley wants Rose to be his ‘woman’! been in Kenya too long) playing with kiddies & some girlie chit chat!


Going all too quickly but it has been a great week. Thanks Rose. xx