Your Business Launch


Congratulations, you have your ‘Business in a Box’, now it time to launch in style! An opening party at your home with friends and family is a good place to start. It could be your official launch party, a chance for you to introduce and share the Tinkered by story – of which you are now an important part. Referrals will be a wonderful tool in your business. If people don’t know about what you are up to, they won’t be able to tell others.

Start with a date. Get your confidence and your Tinkered by ‘groove’ on, with family & friends first. Turn your first party into a successful Grand Opening and set the scene for your chapter in our shared story! Tinkered by is all about chasing dreams and building brighter futures, so let us help you get this off on a good start!

Tinkered-By-Invite-(without-lines)It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new business, so here are a few ideas and suggestions to get you on your way. Consider the 3-Ps: Preparing, Planning and Presenting. Organisation is the key to making the most out of each party and enjoying each event!

You want maximum exposure, therefore choose a day when the majority of your invitees can come. Go over board with your invites. This is your chance to get repeat clients, referrals and your next round of party dates booked in!
Prepare – More people will come if you give them at least a two week notice before the event.  We’ve found that sending your invites in a mix of media works best (email, FB, text, print). Some people aren’t FB savy, or do they use text, so try to use the ‘right’ invite for each guest.

All of our editable invites will ask for R.S.V.P.s. If you don’t get a R.S.V.P. (and chances are you will not receive many) it is vital that you follow up with a personal phone call. History has shown only those who R.S.V.P. or whom you actually speak with will show. The follow up phone call is vital!

Once the date is set, the fun begins. It’s time to plan your party. Keep a few goals in mind that you want to accomplish at the party:
  • Let people know about the fabulous products & your new business venture. Passion sells, so make sure you express how you feel about Tinkered by, the products and why you have taken on the role of Ambassador.
  • Provide a non-threatening atmosphere with no sales pressure. Background music, nibbles and champs! Parties are suppose to be fun!
  • Have the website available on laptop & tablet if possible. People love the story behind Tinkered by, so refer them to the website & tell them about it as much as you can.
  • Have a spiral notebook, your calendar & your order book handy. You’ll need them for follow ups, future bookings & sales.

The best way to book more parties is to strike while the iron is hot and book on the spot. People are excited in the moment and want to carry that excitement home with them. Make it a goal at each party, to sign up a new host and book a date, NO MATTER WHAT! Assure them they can always change the date if they get home and discover a conflict. This way, they have to call you to reschedule instead of you chasing them around to get a date on the books.


Planning – Keep it simple. For an open house, there is a window of time when people talk with you, mingle, eat and look at products. It takes the pressure off since you don’t have to be standing in front of a group the entire two-hour period. Have a table with your products prominently displayed so they can touch, feel and try on. A mirror is always a good idea. Have your friends walking around adorned – Your guests will naturally start to style each other!

A table for the food and drinks also keeps you from feeling like you’re having to wait on your guests, and gives them an opportunity to meander and mingle.

Presenting – the Story. The big buzz of the party will be you introducing your new business and product line. Script a small welcome – An intro to the business, why you love the product & the artisans behind them. Share your story and what you hope to achieve by working with Tinkered by as an Ambassador. They will want to know your growing chapter in our story. Please find loads of information on the Our Story, Ambassador & Trunk Show pages of our site. (especially the FAQ’s at the bottom of each of these pages.) If you need to talk it through or ask a few more questions, just call!



This is your opportunity to book parties, sell products, and let people know how easy it is to order. Make sure you ‘friend’ your guests on your personal social media and let them know you will keep them posted about new product and Tinkered by’s growing story (by Sharing content from Tinkered by’s overall social media avenues). Encourage future orders online and make sure they know to assign the sale to you (their Ambassador) at checkout.

What is most important – you need to be relaxed; have fun; you don’t have to have all the answers; and remember to keep it simple, as you want others to appreciate the beauty behind your efforts, the products and the story.

Here’s to brighter futures! xx