Beautiful Woollen Rug, Beautiful Outcomes

Hot off the Loom

Today, this beautiful woollen rug is being lovingly packaged and posted off to it’s new owner.

Destination; Tweed Heads, Australia. To a newly refurbished beach side unit that needed a little bit of unique and a lot of super soft luxury under foot.

The beautiful Rug Ordered

Jon needed a custom sized rug for his new living area. His unit – large, open plan, airy, superbly tiled through out, with fantastic beach views. He was after something to make his lounge space homely & inviting. He wanted to create a welcoming space to relax and hangout with friends. To compensate for a living area on tiles, Jon set out to find a deluxe rug with special requirements. Enter: A Tinkered by custom made woollen rug, hand spun & woven on the loom! Have a look at the above video to get a sense of how large this rug is!

Hand spun wool, washed, dyed & ready for the loom.

Hand spun wool, washed, dyed & ready for the loom.

His design, inspired by American Indian patterns. His colours, earth tones mixed with pastels – a bold approach with amazing results! To be honest, to begin with I was a little skeptical on the colour scheme and had my fingers crossed that he knew what he was doing! Last week, when I saw the rug almost finished on the loom, I was utterly gobsmacked – it is AMAZING and my new favourite! (although  I am slightly fanatical when it comes to these rugs – I am totally in love with the women, the wool, the weaving, the business… they can do no wrong!) Jon’s rug is beautiful – It’s eclectic mix of colours, the mishap pattern, the final texture of the wool and it’s grand size, make this woollen rug a thing of envy and desire – definite wow factor!

Custom made woollen rugs

Beginning rows on the loom.

I’m so proud of the beautiful finished product – Well done Florah (The woman behind this wonderful weaving business – a little video snippet to introduce Florah), Merci, all the girls & you Peter!

The Exciting Developments because of this beautiful rug!

As you all know, Tinkered by is in the business of growing businesses. Our goal is to facilitate the growth and long term sustainability of our artisans businesses –  developing strong businesses, is a powerful tool in the fight against poverty. Our mission is as real and true and heart felt as it possibly could be – It is who we are, it is why we are here – social impact is baked into the very essence of our business. With Jon’s rug, Florah and her team of weavers had an awesome opportunity to develop their business. Behind the scenes during the crafting of this rug, we encountered hurdles to test our stamina and stress levels! You know what they say…finding problems in business is a positive IF you solve them.

Woollen Rug Weavers

Florah and her Family of Weaver

Jon’s rug was the first we’ve ordered during a July, Kenya’s winter month! (Yes one month! Kenyans fuss about their winter, but really the mercury doesn’t drop that far from what is pretty much perfect weather year round) However this year was an exceptionally wet June – July. We had floods, we had rain that lasted full days instead of short torrential downpours, we had cold weather! Florah and her team found themselves in a spot of bother & couldn’t progress on the order. The weather meant no ‘sun’ time to dry the washed and newly dyed wool. The rain meant no shearing of sheep up country, so no raw wool to work with.

Another issue encountered (which we only discovered recently); last year, Florah’s first year running her business, she struggled with cash flow and was not in a financial position to buy excess wool. The ability to buy excess wool is really important for Florah’s business. She needs to stock pile wool so that she is covered for unexpected increases in orders & for the months where sourcing wool is difficult because of the wet season.

With these problems, Jon’s rug suddenly went on slow burn. Florah and I met up a few weeks ago to discuss a game plan for these problems – wet weather, poor cash flow and gaining a stockpile of wool quickly. The following are the exciting solutions we arrived at and are moving forward on:

  • Cash flow assistance from Tinkered by. We offer interest free loans for business development to our artisans if needed.
  • Florah immediately purchased wool for her stockpile.
  • Florah secured a second source of wool from Tanzania, should she need it in the future.
  • Florah is working on her own direct channel of wool supply. Florah’s home village is up country in Kenya where sheep are raised for wool. She is going buy a number wool sheep for the women of her community – to add to their existing flocks, and to raise. Florah is going to meet with the women and become a guaranteed buyer of the wool – Any wool they produce, she will buy. A fantastic idea to secure her supply chain AND her reach of impact increases exponentially as she gives the women in her community a new & consistent source of income.
  • Before the next wet season, we are going to plan out & build a drying room!
Florah Independent business owner

Florah, the inspirational business woman, helping other women provide for their families

Thank you Jon for being so patient with us! We were unable to deliver on time and we are so very sorry! BUT the positive of your beautiful rug, is the truly fantastic developments for Florah and her inspirational business!

Within the next two weeks, your rug will arrive at your door and add that little bit of special to your space! We look forward to seeing some photos! Enjoy xxx

Custom made woollen rug

Hand made woollen rug

Find out more about Tinkered by’s Custom Made Woollen Rugs – handcrafted individually for you & your home. Send us a photo of your design, or we can guide you in your decision on size, design and colour –  we have lots of fabulous designs to get you inspired & in a creative mood. Your rug will be delivered to your door within 6-8 weeks (sometimes earlier pending weather in Kenya). These rugs are a for life investment. We can guarantee you will be more than 100% delighted with your rug and the unique journey you will experience during it’s production.