Sustainable fashion at it’s best. We are using Tinkered by as a vehicle to develop a leading approach to transparent & sustainable fashion. We are social impact brand that sources fabulous handmade jewellery & accessories from Artisans in East Africa. We identify artisan entrepreneurs who share our dream of creating meaningful opportunity in vulnerable communities. We design on-trend jewellery in collaboration with talented artisans. We develop artisan businesses through connecting them to a global market, which enables sustainable incomes, business development & the creation of more jobs. We are all about handmade, creativity, design & family.

Join us on our journey: learn about the people behind the beautiful Tinkered by products you wear; how they use ingenious technique and recycled materials to create beautiful hand made jewellery; how we are working with our wonderful artisans to build sustainable businesses.

We will keep you up to date on all things sustainable fashion & our journey of using business to inspire change.

Tinkered by: A buisiness that builds businesses! x

Beautiful Woollen Rug, Beautiful Outcomes

[embed][/embed] Hot off the Loom Today, this beautiful woollen rug is being lovingly packaged and posted off to it's new owner. Destination; Tweed Heads, Australia. To a newly refurbished beach side unit that...

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Jewellery Designing in the Mara

We (the ‘Boston’ contingent of the Tinkered by family) live in the Masai Mara game reserve, in Kenya. Remote, yes. Beautiful, yes. A tad insulated from the real world and hard to entertain ourselves at times… sorry to say, but a...

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Going to the Chapel!

Rose is getting MARRIED! Eeeik! we are so so excited for Rose & (soon to be hubby) Michael and wish them all the best for their new & exciting beginnings! Sooo, there is now a wedding to plan - My mind has been racing with ideas – am...

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Your Business Launch

Congratulations, you have your 'Business in a Box', now it time to launch in style! An opening party at your home with friends and family is a good place to start. It could be your official launch party, a chance for you to introduce and...

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Cow Horn Wonder-ful

Cow Horn & Jewellery Jewellery made from cow horn & bone has been a long time tradition in Kenya. The use of this material for some people, is 'off putting' and even controversial. It is a personal choice of course, but knowledge is king,...

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Into the Wild

If there is ever an excuse to visit Vincent & Ishmael on the horizon, I'm all over it. It means venturing into what is known as 'slum' land - but the experience is far from your expectations.  These guys are truly top notch, always in...

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Artist Meets Artist

I had the privilege of meeting Vincent Oduol as I went with Kate on one of her trips. You know my wife Kato as one of the two Founders of Tinkered by. As Vincent led us through the labyrinth of Kibera alleyways to his studio, I was seeing her...

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A Peek inside a Trunk Show

Hosted by the lovely Catriona Nixon in her beautiful home in Carnarvon WA. A fun night of friends, storytelling and fabulous finds! Rachael Steadman, co-founder of Tinkered by, was there to bring us in on the ride! Tinkered by is all about...

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Who is this party for?

Enthusiastic & passionate guests are always swooning around the table at a Tinkered by Trunk Show, but these guys really are worth a special mention! This little trio unpacked the jewellery, set up the display, welcomed guests, styled...

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Tinkered by’s ‘Hands UP’

We are very excited to launch a new initiative for Tinkered by...we are calling it 'Hands up' (until someone says that is way too corny & comes up with something better...we have till mid October!) From time to time, we come across ‘stand...

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