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Cow Horn Wonder-ful

Cow Horn & Jewellery Jewellery made from cow horn & bone has been a long time tradition in Kenya. The use of this material for some people, is 'off putting' and even controversial. It is a personal choice of course, but knowledge is king,...

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Into the Wild

If there is ever an excuse to visit Vincent & Ishmael on the horizon, I'm all over it. It means venturing into what is known as 'slum' land - but the experience is far from your expectations.  These guys are truly top notch, always in...

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Artist Meets Artist

I had the privilege of meeting Vincent Oduol as I went with Kate on one of her trips. You know my wife Kato as one of the two Founders of Tinkered by. As Vincent led us through the labyrinth of Kibera alleyways to his studio, I was seeing her...

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