‘Hands Up’ Initiative

‘Hands up’ is a new initiative for Tinkered by. We sometimes come across ‘stand out’ groups running projects that are honest, practical people orientated and are inspirational in the ‘good’ they are achieving.

Tinkered by wants to get behind these groups and lend a ‘Hand’.

Every 6 months we will ‘hold hands’ with a new project whose sole purpose is to improve lives. We will promote their wares and send all proceeds directly back to the hands that created.

The ‘Hands up’ concept is simple: More orders for these groups = more money = more employment opportunities = the ability to achieve their dreams for their families.

Our First Partners!

A group of 5 Ugandan mums, brought together by Katie Borchert, an American super mum, living in Uganda. The project aims: to lift lives, families and villages out of poverty through income generating businesses. LIFTED began in 2010, opening the way for a group of Ugandan mothers to earn an income by using their skills and creativity.

All profits go directly to the Ugandan artist mama’s so they can care for their families and educate their children. While small, they have a grand and simple vision – growth – so that more mum’s just like them, can earn an income using their hands and creativity.

Find out more about this fab group.

Visit www.lifteduganda.org

Buy the Paint Shirts

Tinkered by wants to get as many of Lifted’s ‘cutest ever’ little paint shirts into Australian schools, childcare centres and homes!

All proceeds go DIRECT to the talented mum’s behind LIFTED Uganda. The paint shirts are made from the beautiful & bright African Kitenge material, with a plastic lined front panel making them easy to clean. They have a kid friendly Velcro closure for quick on and off! Fun, practical, and made with love from Ugandan mum’s. A connection for children in Australia and Uganda.

The paint shirts are $13 each. Cost price plus shipping to Australia.

Order online here