What is a Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show is a fun, relaxed shopping experience in your home. Our unique accessory line is sold exclusively through in-home parties (Trunk Shows) and online. The only way to see our line and try it on is at a trunk party. Anyone can host a trunk show – All you have to do is book in a date, and we’ll send you a ‘Trunk’ of goodies to display in your living room! On average, Hosts receive $150-200 in free jewellery, plus more products at half off! Your friends and family will love our styles, and you’ll love your new, free accessories!

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Why Host a Trunk Show

By Hosting a Tinkered by Trunk Show at your home or work place, you are not only giving your friends a chance to shop some fabulous unique finds, you are also helping create opportunity for our Artisans, and their families.

It is a great way to get involved, share the Tinkered by story and ‘Adorn’ more women in Tinkered by fabulousness!

We want everyone to look great, feel great, realize opportunity and support each other to inspire brighter futures. Design and creativity empowering people through a relaxed and unique shopping experience. What is not to love!

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How to Host a Trunk Show

  1. Simply save a date.
  2. Create your guest list.
  3. We’ll send you an e-vite and a Trunk of Tinkered by Goodies.
  4. Now for the Fun. Style your friends, Share Artisan stories, shop with meaning!
  5. Hosts shop for free with Tinkered by reward points PLUS enjoy ½ off on further items.
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Tinkered by Rewards: Treat yourself

When you Host a Trunk Show, you’ll get a Bonanza of FREE accessories.

Most hostesses earn $150+ in Tinkered by Rewards, plus get 4 items at ½ off!

Host Rewards

About the Product

We stay on top of trends and work with the artists to fully utilize their skills and preferred medium of materials.

In this way, we can mix it up with on-trend designs, matched with ‘old world’ craftsmanship, all using raw or recycled materials! It means we get to bring you truly unique pieces!

All our products are:

  • ‘Truly’ Hand Made;
  • made using ‘Old world’ craftsmanship;
  • made by real people;
  • from recycled or raw materials; and
  • made with love, with a great story.
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Take a peek Inside a Trunk Show

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Most hostesses have questions about inviting their friends to a Trunk Show. Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Who should host a trunk show

Anyone! can host a Tinkered by trunk show with only a few requirements. Are you…ready to update your own accessory and homeware collection with free items from earning Tinkered by rewards? Willing to create sustainable income opportunities for artisans from East Africa and enjoy their designs? Able to set aside two hours to spend with your girlfriends?

How do I book a Trunk Show

Follow the ‘Book a trunk show’ link. Fill out the inquiry form and we will be in touch to help your organize and discuss your plans.

Do I need to spend a lot of money? 

Please don’t! The beauty of the Tinkered by Collection serves as the main attraction. Light nibble’s and a bottle of wine or two…it doesn’t take too much to bring friends together.

Do I have to talk about the Artisans?

We have catalogues, flyers, video presentations, blurbs, not to mention our website which is the complete source of information on the people, the product and how they handcraft the unique product in our collection. You can make as much or as little of these resources available to your guests on the night. There is absolutely no need for speeches…just direct your guests to the information available.

Can I have a Trunk Show somewhere other than my home?

Absolutely. Anywhere you can feel comfortable enough to invite your friends…a coffee shop, another friends’ home, a workplace meeting room, a school event or a community space…

What is the price range of your items? 

We have a great mix, so there is something for everyone’s budget. How does $12 sound? More than 50% of our necklaces are under $45…we also showcase product that requires detailed craftsmanship and so, has a higher price tag. All of our items are made with quality and care so they look great from any price point.

How will guests pay for their purchases?

Cheques and cash can be accepted. But the easiest way is to direct your guests to our website to pay online with credit card.

When will guests receive their orders? 

Some guests will take their treasures home…some will order online. The ‘trunk’ of goodies we send to your home will have a selection of the Tinkered by collection – jewellery, homewares, for the kids and accessories. These products are for you and your friends to try on and purchase. Further orders can be placed through our website and will be delivered to you or your guests within 5-14 days (depending on your location).
Remember, guests can also preview items online at www.tinkeredby.com. When they do, they get more excited to come and see this unique range of artisan goods up close and in person.

Where is the jewelry made? 

All of our product to date, is made in East Africa. Please visit our Artisan pages to read about the people behind the Tinkered by products and how they make them. On each individual product page, you will find a link, to further info about the artisans or group who made that product. If you want to get techy at your trunk show – we are happy to provide you with our promotional video and short clips.

What should I do about invitations? 

We have a selection of e-vites that we are happy to email you. We recommend that you Facebook the event or email direct, so that people can save the date. A personal, follow up call closer to the date often helps! Although, you may have other ideas… we are here to help with suggestions, images, blurb etc.

How often do you offer new product? 

We try to release a ‘dribble’ of new product continually through out the year – as we find new and inspiring artisans, and when our existing artisans release a new design. Around that, we have ‘full’ new season products come out pre-winter and pre-summer. This way, you will always discover something new at a Trunk Show!

What should I expect at my Trunk Show?

You and your friends will have a great time! Trunk Shows typically last about 2 hours and are always casual and fun. There’s no pressure, it is suppose to be a relaxed get together with friends. Your friends can swing by and try on what appeals – They will find a great selection – perfect everyday styles, bold statement pieces and even great gifts.

How do I display the product?

When we contact you after you’ve booked a Trunk Show online, we will discuss all aspect of hosting a trunk show, including ideas for how to display the product. Consider using bowls, vases, frames, trays as funky display objects – you don’t need anything fancy – the jewelry is bold and colourful, so simplicity in display is perfect. We can also send through some photos of what others have done. You may also want to think about where to put your laptop or computer so that your guests can have access to our website.

How far in advance should I plan my trunk show?

Ideally, we would like to know about your plans about a month before your date. However two weeks gives you plenty of time to, spread the word with your friends, send out an evite / Facebook invite / or email, make a few phone calls for personal invitations, pass out some of our catalogues and direct your friends to our website, pick up your simple refreshments, display the product and open the door to your friends!

How many guests should I have?

Your Tinkered by trunk show can be any size – we love Trunk Shows big and small and are grateful for every chance to share our story with your friends. 10 – 30 women typically show up for the unique shopping experience. Over-inviting is the best way to fill your home with guests. They have a chance to shop some very special products and get an opportunity to learn more about the people that their purchases will help. Wearing Tinkered by jewelry, having the catalogues available, and not shying away from last minute invitations help fill out your guest list.

I live in a small space, will that still work for a Trunk Show?

Our displays don’t have to spread across your home. A kitchen counter or a coffee table can showcase the Tinkered by Collection… your guests can also help model several items at a time. Tell them to get ready to choose some favorites as they walk in the door. They may not want to ever take them off!

What if my friends can't make it?

There is a never a perfect time for everyone to get to come. Check your calendar for other big events, choose a date, and invite your friends with confidence – you are going to show them something amazing and give them an incredible opportunity to shop and make a difference. As an added bonus to our hostesses, Tinkered by invites guests who cannot make the actual event, to shop online as part of your trunk show. Make sure that the friends who buy online attribute the sale to you so that you don’t miss out on your Tinkered by Rewards.

Can a friend co-host with me?

Sure! Co-hosting is a great way to get a larger group together to attend. And, if you have a larger group, you and your co-host will have more rewards to share.

What do I do with any product not sold?

We cover the cost of any returns. You will send back the remaining product, and any left over publicity materials in a flat rate Australia Post box. Cash received at the party can be used to send the box back.

How can I become more involved in the Tinkered by Story?

Feel free to share photo’s of your party on our Tinkered by Facebook page and Instagram feed! If you feel you’re a natural and loved your Trunk experience, you may want to consider starting your own flexible business by becoming a Tinkered by Ambassador. As an ambassador, you will be creating new markets for our Artisans products through booking your own Trunks Shows (A business based on a social selling model). We will also give you the opportunity to attend any Trunks Shows booked through us, in your area. You can even go another step, and become a Tinkered by market stall holder and attend boutique markets in your area from time to time.