An African Mamma

One of our favourite Artisan jewellery makers, Anne is everything you imagine a proud African woman to be! She makes a unique range of African jewellery from up-cycled or raw materials – She is at the beginning of her jewellery making journey and loving every minute. She is infectiously happy, loving, maternal, full of laughter and singing – determined & hard working. When the group of women she usually sits with, bursts into fits of laughter, you can bet your bottom dollar that Anne has just finished one of her well renowned stories. Seriously, we couldn’t love this woman anymore if we tried!

A single mum with three children, she has for many years, provided for her children by selling fresh fruit and vegetables at a local market. Finding employment in Kenya is tough, so the majority of the population employ themselves. They find their niche market and provide that service to a growing population.

African Artisan Anne Meroka using a mix of cow bone beads in her jewellery

An Exciting new Opportunity

Recently, Anne started working part-time with Rose Wamaitha (another of our wonderful Artisans) on her range of African jewellery. Rose employs Anne when she has an over-flow of orders – Anne couldn’t be a more enthusiastic student of African Artisan jewellery designing & making. In between travelling a 5 hour round trip on the back of a pick up truck to buy her fresh produce twice a week, manning her market stall and looking after her children, she now works with Rose when she can.

She hopes that ‘God will continue to provide [her] with this new beading work’ as she enjoys the challenge of learning the new techniques for each new necklace design and the part time work has more than doubled her monthly income!