Born Designer

Elijah Njeri Kabiru was born a designer…’A gift from god’ says his wife Grace. They live with their four sons in a small village on the banks of Lake Navashia, in the Rift Valley. After working for many years with building teams around Kenya, he decided he’d had enough and began to focus full-time on his creative sculptures.

We happened upon Elijah whilst holidaying in the area and were blown away with is talent and his positive outlook on life. His mind creates and his hands tinker away with chisel and hammer – the results are truly beautiful. He has a small workshop within his home, and feels very lucky to have this space.

A Series of Three

With the sale of his first tree, he didn’t buy the tools that he dreams of, he enrolled Grace, his wife, into a three month computer course (something she has wanted to do for years she says) and bought her a desktop computer. With the sale of the second tree, he hired a utility and went bush to buy enough old fallen branches and stumps of the natural olive tree, to last him for two years. The older fallen branches are getting harder and harder to find, so he has to pay a premium.

When we went to collect the third and last tree in this baobab series, we went with a gift, a new detailers Dremel drill with attachments for wood work that grind, cut and sands. You can imagine his excitement! Elijah has three new designs he is currently working on which we will show case in 2015!