Utopian Living

King David, as he is know by the locals, (or Rasta) and his wife Jane are absolutely fabulous utopian people. David, a larger than life character, with true Rastafarian roots, has an inspirational take on life and plans to make it count!

David and Jane work with a group of about 20 single mothers. Four years ago, they established a workshop in their home. They train and employ single mothers from their area that are having a pretty tough time of life. “We have long identified with the marginalised people we live and work with and strive to help as many as we can.”


Beads with History

David and Jane create stunning glass beaded Jewellery. The jewellery they create is designed by process of family consensus – a household full of creatives, everyone HAS to be happy with each design! Their statement jewellery is undeniably bold, bright and beautifully hand made. All links and clasps are made by hand.

The tiny glass beads they use are made in the Czech Republic – a remnant of Kenya’s history of trade dating back to the 15th century. Old ships, laden with exotic goods plied Kenya’s coast. African spices and slaves were swapped for silk and beads from Bohemia, Venice and the Netherlands. These foreign imports were known as ‘trade beads’, and were used as currency across Africa by European and Arabian traders. The African trade bead era added a whole new dimension to an already rich beading continent – Africa Adorned!

Into the Future

David and Jane have recently purchased their first plot of land and are working toward the mammoth task of building a home and large adjoining workshop. Their mission, to build their dream workshop, train and employ more!



Tinkered by: King David

A little sample of King David’s work. To view his full collection, choose ‘King David’ in the Artisan menu within our Jewellery pages.

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