Introducing Moses

The father of four, Moses and his wife live in Kibera, the worlds second largest slum area located in Nairobi, Kenya. He has carved out his space in this world through determination and tenacity.

An extremely talented metal sculptor, Moses creates anything from life sized Giraffes to very cool tubular outdoor furniture. With an immaculate eye for detail, he can fashion just about anything from a sheet of metal, hammer, vice and welder.

Metal Art in Business

15 years ago, Moses arrived in the big city, Nairobi, with some basic training in metal work. Over time he saved enough money to buy a hammer and vice – the beginnings of his own business – Dream one nailed!

He perfected his sculpting talent, built his client base and rented a small workshop space along a well know strip in Nairobi called ‘dua kali’ (Meaning: workshop in the hot sun – Nairobi’s version of IKEA) He trained and employed 5 men on a part time basis in this space. Dream two nailed!

Bright Futures

On a recent visit, I found Mosses standing tall and proud in front of his new workshop – Dream three kicked to the curb!

A Massive man shed, ten times the size of his original, built by him, with nine men inside, industriously working along side him, learning his trade and creating his designs.

Upon seeing our reaction to his new creative space, Moses, the ever practical, very modestly, but with wide smirk said, “I’ve reached this goal, now I am to save for a plot of land up country (out of Nairobi) to build a house for my family.”

Tinkered by Moses

We have limited stock in Australia (hopefully that will change soon! cause we love this guy) If you are interested in Moses’ metal sculpture contact us. He can create anything!

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Women’s Metal Form

Amazing metal sculpture. Shaped and created with hammer, vice and welder.

Garden Sculpture

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Jewellery Stand

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Metal Hand

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