The Nyamodi’s

Raymond and Miriam are the most spectacularly talented couple who use recycled metal casting as a major feature of their jewellery designs. Parents to 3 children and proud owners of a self made jewellery business. Raymond was formally trained as an accountant, and paved the families way into jewellery making by accident. He was on an accounting  job to audit a jewellery business over 20 years ago and something sparked inside. He wanted to be his own boss and use his hands to make a living.

They started their business with 800 Shillings, (about $10) a hammer and a pair of pliers. They’ve built their business over the last 20 years through “hard work”, “good work” and by “being honest”. Raymond says he is about to take Miriam and the children away for their first family holiday in over 20 years! Good times.

The Casting Business

Raymond, self taught in the ‘ye old’ technique of casting metal with sand moulds. He designs and creates 100% hand made jewellery with a serious edge. Sourcing salvage metal all over Nairobi, he carts it back to his workshop, melts it down over fire and pours the molten metal into sand moulds. He creates many shapes and forms within the sand by carving wax or wood. From pendants, rings, bangles, charms to large recycled aluminium bowls, he is a dynamo within his own creative space.

Miriam, not to be out done by her talented husband, does all the detail work! All chain link used in their jewellery, is made by HAND. Each link shaped and soldered – Amazing. She is also a fairly mean beader (something we’ve only recently discovered. Miriam has an amazing new beaded range for Tinkered by next season!).

Giving Back

For many years, Raymond has had a dream to teach his Art and trade to school leavers. He is a firm believer in learning a trade and being able to use your hands to provide for your family. Finding employment in Kenya is extremely tough – most people are self-employed, by finding a niche market to sell into.

Tinkered by is working with Raymond (and quite a few of our other artisans) on achieving this dream. Together we are working towards training workshops for school leavers in impoverished areas. Who will be our work shop leaders? Raymond on casting, Miriam on fine beading and chain work, Rose, Mwangi and Zangi on Jewellery design and making, Moses on metal sculpture and Vincent on working with bone and horn – the team is building!

Tinkered by the Nyamodi’s

A small selection of the fab product these guys create!

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Bone Tip Pendant

Cow bone tip pendant on hand made brass chain.

Sunshine Drop Earrings

Intricately cut from sheet metal and crafted around a centre brass rod.

Chevron Pendant

Hand made brass chain with bone and brass pendant. With extension chain.

Set of Three Brass Rings

Recycled brass cast in sand. A set of three with T bar.