Flair for Style

A young vibrant Kenyan woman determined to make an impact in the world! At 24 years of age, she dreams big and works hard. Rose grew up in the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. After finishing school she went to college and completed a business course. Unable to find employment, she decided to start her own business as a jewellery designer and maker.

Self taught and with a flair for style, her business is growing slowly but surely. Rose now has Anne Meroka working part-time with her on her range of jewellery. Together they sing, tell stories, giggle and create a fabulous unique range of Jewellery.


Dynamic Designs

Rose sources beads from all over the African continent, alway looking for an edge by creating completely new designs for the Kenyan market. One of her current ranges, incorporates the inner tubes of tyres (Super cool jewellery). Another uses Ostrich eggs shell beads.

For a period of time this year, Rose trained and collaborated with another Tinkered by Artisan, Stephen Mwangi. During her time with Stephen, she perfected the art of making her own clasps. She has put her new skills to good use with the ‘Kamburu Bell’ bracelet.

Her design and style is so completely dynamic and we love that about Rose and her designs. She is not stuck on any one medium, and there is nothing that she won’t consider using to create a fabulous piece of jewellery. Clever woman!


Love it

“I finished school in 2010 and went straight to college to improve my computer and business skills. After completing the course, I found work for a short while in a hotel in the Masai Mara and thought I would have a career in the tourist industry. The job came to an end and I found it very difficult to find employment spending many months without a job. A friend told me about a place that I could be trained in making jewellery. In time, I found that I really enjoyed it. It has turned into a lot of fun for me. My inspiration is being able to use my mind and come up with something new, then seeing people wearing my work. My dream is to see Tinkered by grow and becoming their east African Manager!”

Rose has told us that ‘people have to love what they do, and do it properly’. If that is your philosophy in life Rose, you are kicking it! x

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Tinkered by Rose

A small sample Roses’ dynamic range of jewellery.

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Artillery Bangle

The silver beads were created in Ethiopia using up-cycled artillery metal.

Up-Cycled Glass and Aluminium

The glass beads are made from 100% recycled glass and sand cast scrap aluminium beads.

Trade Bead & Brass Necklace

Recycled glass beads hand painted in melted glass, with recycled brass feature beads.

Rubber Geometric Necklace

A great story behind this eco chic necklace. Created with bicycle inner tube and up-cycled 'sufaria' (aluminium cooking) pots.