He really is that guy!

Stephen Mwangi is that guy in your life that just can’t be faulted. EVERYONE loves this man! and it’s not too hard to work out why. Beside his gentle, all encompassing persona that makes you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters right now, he has enormous talent, an eye for design and he shares it, because he cares.

Travelling all over Kenya, Mwangi has taught 100’s of men and women the art of his trade. He believes that in the Kenyan economic environment, it can’t hurt individuals to learn a skill that can make you money and give you a sense of pride.

Designer and jewellery maker, Mwangi often creates waves within the artisan community with his unique and contemporary designs. An avid magazine flipper, he keeps current while staying true to his African roots.

From Stephen

“I was born 37yrs ago and together with my sister we were raised by a single mother who would drink too much because of stress when she did not have money. And she continued drinking to a point where she could no longer take care of us. I had to go and stay with my grandmother while my sister went to stay with my aunt. Back then there was an Aunt of mine who was doing business at the Masai market – that was in the early 90s, so during school holidays, I would go to the market with her. I started being interested with the necklaces she was making. After school I would head there straight and before long it had gotten into me that this is what I want to do. After clearing school in 1995, i just went straight to making jewellery. My aunt was making common necklaces – I decided to be a little different. So I got some fashion books and tried to be little different from the rest. As for the bone Jangles and the bone tangles necklace – it was just one of my crazy ideas that came up when I was designing. When I took it to the market, my colleagues were like, ‘who will buy such a thing?’ And right in front of their eyes I sold some and it has been one of my best sellers since. The junk necklaces is made of a collection of different beads from all over Kenya and some from west Africa – it is braided on string. When I started I was alone but buy the grace of God, I have 5 people working with me as of now, 2 guys and 3 ladies. I am married to a wonderful wife called Lucy and we are blessed with two great kids – a girl and a boy. The girl is called Stephanie while the boy is called Joshua.” Stephen Mwangi.

Tinkered by Mwangi

A small sample of Mwangi’s contemporary yet ‘deep roots’ African accessories!

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Bone Jangles

A uniquely African multi-strand necklace - one that is sure to attract comment with each wear. A mix of cow bone and stone chips, tied randomly on hemp cord

Dinka Horn Rings

Carved from a solid piece of cow horn, decorated with brass, aluminium and copper.

Bone Tangles

A centre piece cow bone bead leading to long dangly tassels. All beads thread and knotted on hemp cord with a hand made brass clasp.

West African Twirl

Mwangi has an unerring ability to reflect himself in each piece of his designed jewellery.