Wool into Art

Raw wool comes off the spinning wheel in large wads of hand spun yarn. The wool is then dyed in barrels of boiling water over fire, dried in the sun, and woven into beautiful, thick woollen carpets. Because the wool is hand spun, these rugs have a delightful thickness and texture. Durable, hard wearing & naturally stain resistant due to natural lanolin in raw wool.

Custom made woollen rugs, handcrafted individually for you & your home. We guide you in your decision on size, design and colour – we have lots of fabulous designs to inspire you. Your rug will be delivered to your door within 6-8 weeks (sometimes earlier pending weather in Kenya). These rugs are a for life investment. We can guarantee you will be more than 100% delighted with your woollen rug and the unique journey you will experience during it’s production.

Design Ideas to Explore

A Family of Weavers

With each woollen rug, the weavers work on the understanding that they are crafting wool into art. Every piece that passes through their hands is individual & tells it’s own story from beginning to end.

When you buy a Tinkered by woollen rug, you will own a beautifully crafted & individual piece for your home. You will also experience a unique journey of discovery. You will join us on the wonderful story of your rug – from raw wool to finished woven magnificence – the process, the people, the traditional skill. For a moment in time, you will feel you have stood in the shoes of the expert craftswomen (mostly!) behind your rug. It’s not just a beautiful piece on your floor that has the ‘wow’ factor – it’s a story, a bit of history – it’s about families, love & providence.

Weaving Magic

Florah, (the woman behind this Kenyan weaving business), is a beautiful soul, a clever women, has grand visions and the entrepreneurial skills to back it up. She is a woman on a mission and her mind is focused on helping women fulfil their dreams – to be able to provide for their families. A mother, wife and business women, she understands the great need in us all to provide for our families and she, for one, has set out to create change where she can! A power house of inspiration and we are here to back her up.

Florah employs 18 women contractually and trains them to a love of weaving. In the loom room, there are women with child, others with children at their feet. In the grounds of the workshop, groups of women sit under tree’s undertaking the finishings of rugs off the loom, others are chit chatting around fires, stirring large pots of colourful boiling water full of hand spun wool. The environment is exceptionally happy, peaceful and supportive. Florah says her ‘motivation’ is helping people with passion. Her love, crafting wool into art. Her dream, to build her business so that she can help inspire more women.

“My greatest pleasure is hearing women say that this business has changed their lives” Florah Bore. Love it!

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Ordering Your Rug

Let’s get started. If you are unsure of a design, no worries, we have a wonderful collection of designs to inspire you OR a range of pre-designed rugs to choose from. Once you submit the ‘lets get started’ form below, we will be in contact to help you choose a rug that is perfect for your home & family. We will help you with dimensions, colour scheme and design. Payment is made after after the design process. We will guide you through the process to ensure that you love your ‘for-life’ woollen rug.

The pricing below, is for standard designs and sizes & includes GST & shipping to your door. If your pattern is more intricate and/or your rug is outside custom sizing, the price may vary slightly. We’ll inform you of any price difference prior to payment & during the design process.

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Beautiful Woollen Rug, Beautiful Outcomes

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Yellow Chevron

A sample Rug we brought over to Australia to display at Tinkered by Trunk Shows. Here in Robyn Campbell's lovely bright home!

New Home

Rachael Steadman, luck new woollen rug owner. Evie loving the smell of wool in her home.

New Pure Woollen Rug

Our beautiful new pure wool rug was handmade in Kenya and shipped straight to Carnarvon . So easy, I picked a design and the colours I wanted and Tinkeredby organised the rest . The feel and smell is amazing !! Love it , thanks Tinkeredby xxxxx

Custom Made Woollen Rug, Australia

Jon's beautiful custom made woollen rug in situ, Tweed heads Australia.